Devin "Barbee"


Born in Grand Rapids, MI, Devin “BARBEE” uses her last name for her iconic identity and brand, so as a socialite, host and mega business owner, this female mogul is fast on the path to stardom Becoming the nucleus of attention. After graduating Specs Howard School of Media and Broadcasting in 2011 Barbee, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, were she became a radio personality on Pop Life Radio in 2014. Shortly after Barbee landed an opportunity with IBNX Radio hosting the hit show “Hot List with Barbee” and “The Pregame” with Karrass Jordan. Most recently, Barbee is exploiting huge opportunities with the HOT NOIZE MEDIA . Get ready world, because BARBEE is not only about to cause commotion in the industry, she is about to be a good problem for us, and if you’re not alert to what’s going on, you’re going to be the one missing out from her wrath of perfection! 

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2018 Female Internet Radio Personality of the Year